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December 2016

What's New @ WhatPulse?


Just before the holiday season starts, we'd like to give you a small update on what's new with WhatPulse!

Dashboard Updates
We've added two new widgets to the Dashboard, which were requested the most:

  • A table widget to show your most used applications;
  • Another table widget to show your added computers (and their stats!).

The table form has also changed into a dynamic, sortable and more pretty table!

Go to your Dashboard

Post to Facebook
The possibility to login to WhatPulse with your Facebook account has been around for a while. Now, you can also post your stats to Facebook! Using our Facebook integration, you can (manually or periodically) let your
friends know about your current geek status.

Check our Release Notes
The website has been getting updates here and there. We don't always announce them, so if you'd like to see a full update; check our release notes for the main website and the Dashboard.

Happy Holidays!
To end with a warm note, the entire crew of WhatPulse wishes you a very happy holiday season and we hope lots of good things come your way in 2017! (We can guarantee lots of geekiness ).

Stay Geeky