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May 2009

Windows ready for download!

You can now head to the download section and download a minor update to 1.6.2.

Here's the changelog:

Enhanced: 'Pulse timed out' message box now displays more information.
Enhanced: Changed all 'Check for Updates' references to 'Version Checker'/'Check Version'.
Enhanced: Installer attempts to shutdown WhatPulse during install.
Fixed: Version checker giving wrong version update details.
Fixed: Removed "state.m_iPulseEveryHours: '0'" popup box.
Fixed: Multiple issues with Check for Update/Distance settings.
Fixed: Selecting tabs in settings took focus from the window.
Fixed: Close button was not enabled after successful registration.
Fixed: Closing login window with Alt+F4 now removes data.
Fixed: Only one 'Pulse Timed Out' message will open until OK is clicked.