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:lol: Hi! :lol:

[color=green]I\'m [/color]skitee[color=green]. I\'m a Christian and love Tanki Online. I type a way lot more than I click. My rank is [/color]4073rd. You can see that I do more keys than clicks because of my 26,299,009 keys which is way more than my 4,767,204 clicks. I also have done deprecated miles. I live in the UK, am the founder of Team Tanki Online, and am in Position 2nd there. At the moment, I have referred 8 people to Whatpulse. (Although a lot of the team I am in joined Whatpulse with me telling them about it, that figure is only those who created an account under my referral link.)

I joined Whatpulse on 2010-10-06, which was the fortieth week of the year, and since then I have sent 8,679 pulses. I have an autopulser at 3154 keys, and I hope that I do at least 20 pulses a day, otherwise it is a bad day for keys. The most pulses of 3154 I have ever done in a day is 42.

My keys per second is 0.1 and my clicks per second is 0.02. This makes my keys per minute 5.97 and my clicks per minute 1.08. And then, this makes my keys per hour 358.37 and my clicks per hour 64.96. I am trying to get them higher, and at the moment I am succeeding so far :lol: