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The twins of Mammon quarrelled. Their warring plunged the world into a new darkness, and the beast abhorred the darkness. So it began to move swiftly, and grew more powerful, and went forth and multiplied. And the beasts brought fire and light to the darkness.

from The Book of Mozilla, 15:1

This team has 59 member(s), which have typed 1,229,964,168 keys and clicked 515,301,710 times all together. This team has 88.25TB downloaded and 43.82TB uploaded with an uptime of 79 years, 4 weeks, 1 day, 13 hours, 16 minutes, 54 seconds

The team holds 0.24% percent of all the teams/users of this project, and is ranked 23rd.

This team was formed on 2004-10-18.