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Global stats / heatmaps - dagelf - 06-05-2013

Hi All

The info gathered by Whatpulse can be invaluable in UI design. Ie. where is the most efficient place to put a button?

Or... where is the most efficient place to put a button - BY SEX OR AGE. Or by country. Or even by OS.

SO my question: Where are these stats?

Do you need help? Processing power? Bandwidth? Also, what's the thinking behind this app... is it simply a hobby or CS project, or is there an ultimate goal?

RE: Global stats / heatmaps - Bloopy - 06-05-2013

The WhatPulse mouse heatmap can only tell you where the buttons already are (and taskbars, menus, scroll bars). I think the stats would be showing you what type of UIs different demographics use, but not whether those UIs are efficient. There are formal academic studies for that.

RE: Global stats / heatmaps - smitmartijn - 06-06-2013

Yeah, the client only registers what you do, not what you're most likely to do. That's going a bit too far anyway, by my book.

There are existing application and studies that are better suited for that kind of thing.

And it started as a hobby project, but has grown a little beyond that the last 2 years, with 2.0. There's not really an "endgame" - but there is a clear path of development that I set out using the feedback from people..using the community input to better the program.