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Gamers_Group - The Gamers! - SeeEmAge - 10-03-2013 06:06 PM

Hi there!

1st: Sorry for my bad english!

My friend and me started to make a team for REAL players!

Why joining us?
Because we LOVE stats! If you join our Team you will fight aggainst other players in Keys, Clicks, Uplad, etc.

Sounds ok... :/ but what is IT?
Our Subteams are not Teams... you can choose your favorite game (Or ask to add it! We take any game!) and join this group to be the best!

OK! How i register?
Here is the Team link... at moment an empty team... Our Team! <----
For register you doesn't madder who/what you are! Big Grin Just join! We search players and we try to connect players!

We want to build a website later too! So its all open what we do!!! Just have fun in Gaming stats!

At moment you have a nice chance to be 1st in our list! Smile

I forgot to take out the Password -_- you can join now... Hehehe Confused

RE: Gamers_Group - The Gamers! - EmTeeWee98 - 12-09-2013 09:45 PM

Finally! So we can finally build a Team!!! Tongue