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How smart are you? - bmxracer23 - 11-11-2013 06:56 AM

How smart are you on a scale 1-4?
Basically this is a poll that updates live. This is a test on how honest people are. You choose, when the decision comes, are you really intelligent or are you the liar?
The reason why I choose to do this on that website is so anybody can do it, so I don't have to force anybody to sign up for any websites, that could be tedious. As expected I wish us to unite as friends, and my team to unite as cats and kittens, us, we unite! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish for you to vote on the poll.

RE: How smart are you? - London_Ash - 11-18-2013 02:47 PM

Everyone has their opinion on who they can compare themselves with who would be smarter. Someone might compare with their friends and be like, he is dumber than me so I am a 4, but then I might compare with the likes of Stephen Hawking and realise I am less than 1 in comparison. Tongue

RE: How smart are you? - apsdx6 - 12-13-2013 07:54 PM

I was hopeing for a test because i was bored...

RE: How smart are you? - Giraffe - 12-13-2013 10:10 PM

Also, I don't really see how this is going to test honesty...

RE: How smart are you? - newton - 12-15-2013 02:09 AM

(12-13-2013 10:10 PM)Tozzi Wrote:  Also, I don't really see how this is going to test honesty...

Ego, maybe.