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SSL Handshake Error - dkuebric - 02-08-2020 03:23 PM

(Description first, versions below)

I've started receiving the following error dialogue when attempting to report a pulse back:

> Error while talking to website: SSL handshake failed. We recommend trying again in a little while.

My browser and curl don't seem to have problems with the SSL cert on whatpulse.org. However, running whatpulse under dtruss, I saw the following output on attempt to open browser for login:

08-02-2020 10:17:30.497 DEBUG SSL Errors:
08-02-2020 10:17:30.498 DEBUG "The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found"
08-02-2020 10:17:30.498 DEBUG "The root CA certificate is not trusted for this purpose"
08-02-2020 10:17:30.498 DEBUG "No certificates could be verified"
08-02-2020 10:17:30.498 WARN void ClientCommunication::checkHTTPError(QString) Error: "Error while talking to website: SSL handshake failed. We recommend trying again in a little while."

WP version: 2.8.4
OS: $ uname -a
Darwin [hostname] 18.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 18.7.0: Sun Dec 1 18:59:03 PST 2019; root:xnu-4903.278.19~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

RE: SSL Handshake Error - dl1000v - 02-08-2020 04:09 PM

Me too, on both my Desktop and Notebook.

RE: SSL Handshake Error - punkito - 02-08-2020 06:24 PM

Same here
Windows 10
Client: 2.8.4

RE: SSL Handshake Error - misabrzi - 02-08-2020 07:22 PM

Had a same issue, restarting a application seems to solve the problem.


RE: SSL Handshake Error - Mudduck - 02-08-2020 10:22 PM

A system restart allowed a pulse after this error but the error returned when testing using a manual pulse. Curious issue, to the aps credit it has been a long time since I have encountered any issues.

RE: SSL Handshake Error - sibberio - 02-09-2020 09:12 AM

In my Mac and in some Windows machine I still receiving the message. I've also seen some 503 error in this website. Hope the issue will be fixed soon

RE: SSL Handshake Error - jedrys - 02-09-2020 10:25 AM

Same problem here on my Mac, even after restarting the app a few times. Please fix Smile

I've just noticed that after restarting I cannot even log in using my client - same error

RE: SSL Handshake Error - newton - 02-09-2020 05:47 PM

Hey folks. We're looking into the problem, I'm having it myself!

RE: SSL Handshake Error - smitmartijn - 02-09-2020 06:59 PM

Please give it some time. The caching time seems different per computer; but it will be cleared eventually and you'll be able to pulse. All stats are simply kept a little longer on the client in the meantime.

RE: SSL Handshake Error - sibberio - 02-10-2020 06:00 PM

Now is working fine for my Mac. Just to give you a feedback. Thanks for the job!