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WP Beta on 2pc's - DjDidier - 07-27-2007

I got the Beta version installed on my laptop and desktop. But everytime i pulse on my laptop i wont be able to pulse on my desktop because i'll get a invalid "token"...

Pretty :confused: because i have lost a few million keys like that Sad

WP Beta on 2pc's - bobL - 07-27-2007


WP Beta on 2pc's - DjDidier - 07-27-2007

aha thats why those profiles are there! Tx Wink

WP Beta on 2pc's - Hedgehog - 07-27-2007

The profile-thing should be pointed on more clearly so new member don't ignore it and then loose a millions of keys which is highly dismotivating.

WP Beta on 2pc's - bobL - 07-28-2007

I've always wanted to completely re-work the entire logon screen for WhatPulse. It's not exactly the easiest thing to figure out for a new user, especially with the profiles now.

WP Beta on 2pc's - X-Kal - 08-10-2007

I'm starting to think that a simple reminder would do the trick. Put the pulse profile field in a box with a note that says "You will need to have 1 pulse profile for every computer you are using."

Although it should be worded way better than that, since if you have a USB stick and you're taking it home to pulse... that would need a pulse profile, too.