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12-02-2012, 07:54 PM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2012 06:07 AM by Robby250.)
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So I just got the beta client a few minutes ago so I can help report bugs and give my opinions in improving it.

If it's relevant, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and Whatpulse 2.0b7.

- The main reason why I got it is to test whether this version tracks keys pressed while holding the alt modifier, unlike the live version, and it doesn't, which is a huge drawback in my opinion, because there are a lot of games and applications which use the alt modifier (RPGs with a lot of abilities to bind, for example), and this means that not all keys are being tracked.

- Virtual keys from the simple automation scripts I have are still being counted, which is bad because it's easy to cheat this way, even if there are a lot of other ways to cheat removing some of them wouldn't be bad (I rarely use my own scripts though).

- I love the keyboard heatmap and it would be nice if it would include the arrows, numeric pad and insert, delete, etc. If they weren't added because it takes up space in the window they could be added as a toggle (Ex: a checkbox which says "Toggle numpad display" or something). I use the numpad a lot in Guitar Hero and I would appreciate if it was added.

- I noticed that the keys and clicks display from the bubble you get by mouseovering the Whatpulse icon in the system tray is gone. It was a nice way to see how many keys and clicks you got without using the geek window.

- This is how my application activity looks like after running the client for around 4 hours, not only that it doesn't display anything but the numbers above 9 are displayed incorrectly too: http://i.imgur.com/51YXi.png

- While editing the picture above in Paint, Whatpulse simply crashed, and it only said it stopped working, I don't know why and I don't know how to find out more about it either, so I'm not sure how this is going to help.

I also have some questions:

- When is 2.0 being released? I couldn't find this information anywhere but the fact that the premium beta account expires on 16-12-2012 hints that that's the release date.

- What does the Work Offline option do? Does it stop the client from automatically pulsing when you don't have internet and one of the toggled auto-pulse requirements have been met, or does it do something else and it's obligatory to enable it so that your keys are saved when you don't have internet, to be able to pulse later?

This thread got removed earlier without me receiving any notification or warning. Did a moderator remove it? If so, what did I do wrong? If not, did the forum roll back or something?

Oh yeah, feel free to remove it again if I did something wrong and it was removed intentionally, also feel free to ban me, why not.
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