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[BETA] An error has occurred while communication with the website: Error downloading
Whatpulse version: 2.0b7
OSX: 10.8.2
Whatpulse name: remco.1971

While loggin in to existing account with new client I am getting this error message:

An error has occurred while communication with the website: Error downloading - server replied: Internal Server Error

Loggin in to my (connected and registered with Whatpulse) facetime account gives the connected status and then nothing.....

Tried with the non beta as well and it gave the same login troubles but did not give out any error message.

Changed my password to only letters and digits and that did not help either.

Any fixes yet or other suggestions??

Warm regards,

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.png   WhatPulse_2.0b7.png (Size: 180.94 KB / Downloads: 498)
The beta website client has been disabled to my knowledge. Download the new full version off of the website. (


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