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Title: The next person... thread
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My actual name is Robert, which is a common British name. Wink However Americans are a confusing bunch so I don't know if that counts of not.

Talking of counting, I probably only walked about 50 miles, but most of that was climbing over rocks so you decide.

The person below me likes Google.

The person below me prefers open-source software over most commercial solutions.
[Image: XKalSig1.png]
I definitely do.

The person beneath me will love Pandas.

You know me too well. ): *wants to hug them all*

The person below me likes Bryan Adams! But I've done that so... Is currently in a relationship.
Bryan Adams, who?

The person below me is not coughing up a storm, like me Sad
[Image: XKalSig1.png]
The person above me is correct...and Bryan Adams is amazing...he sings Summer of 69?

The person below me will not like rap.

Rap is shit - It's not even music. Smile And yes, he does sing that song. Along with Have You Ever Loved a Woman, Everything I Do (I Do It For You), 18 'til I Die, Yadda ya. :p

The person below me likes white chocolate!
Yeah!! Big Grin I love white and milk chocolate, and I really don't like pure Tongue

The person below me is working right now..

I'm at home drinking a soda, coming up with something witty to say.

The person beneath me will have/does play(ed) Runescape

Wow, how do you know? :o Still play it sometimes (like once a week for 30 mins Tongue)

The person above me will be a mod of this forum..

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