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Team: U.C.C. [United Cyborg Cats]
I am the founder of U.C.C. We are unique gamers, we will sit there hours on end, racking up WhatPulse stats, and have a laugh or two. Most of us will have Skype, and Teamspeak, we speak through more programs as-well. Some of us make Youtube video's, some of us have artistic skills, some of us just sit there and talk, some of us do a little bit all. We are trying to get people to join from all over the world.

If you do not know how to join a group, do it quick and easy here.
The join button will be on the right of "U.C.C."
And remember, We will all be alright, if our cyborg cats unite!
We are the gamers, we are cats, we fight against the bad, and we are always there for you! If you need more information on what you can do, contact me on Skype, my username is Bmxracer23.

If there is anything that can improve this forum post, please contact me through Skype.

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