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Global stats / heatmaps
Hi All

The info gathered by Whatpulse can be invaluable in UI design. Ie. where is the most efficient place to put a button?

Or... where is the most efficient place to put a button - BY SEX OR AGE. Or by country. Or even by OS.

SO my question: Where are these stats?

Do you need help? Processing power? Bandwidth? Also, what's the thinking behind this app... is it simply a hobby or CS project, or is there an ultimate goal?
The WhatPulse mouse heatmap can only tell you where the buttons already are (and taskbars, menus, scroll bars). I think the stats would be showing you what type of UIs different demographics use, but not whether those UIs are efficient. There are formal academic studies for that.
Yeah, the client only registers what you do, not what you're most likely to do. That's going a bit too far anyway, by my book.

There are existing application and studies that are better suited for that kind of thing.

And it started as a hobby project, but has grown a little beyond that the last 2 years, with 2.0. There's not really an "endgame" - but there is a clear path of development that I set out using the feedback from people..using the community input to better the program.

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