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"New Follower" Bug in Email
Hey, just a minor bug in the emails that are sent out when you get a new follower from a WhatPulse member. It shows my own profile picture instead of the one of the person who has followed me:

[Image: whatpulse_email.png]

PS . Thanks Buller Wink
I got a new follower an hour ago and I could see his profile picture so I guess it was working fine for me, but now it's gone. I just checked his profile and it seems he removed his profile picture, so it must be updating in 'real time' which is kind of cool considering it's just an e-mail.

Also, I started following quite a bit people since I joined the W.A.R. beta Smile

PS. No problem Wink
Thanks for the report, this one has been fixed a few days ago, but I've been waiting to push it to the website. (which I'm doing now)

It only affected people with avatars locally on the website. So facebook avatars were fine. That's probably why BBuullll33r saw the right one. ;-)
I'm outraged Inquizitor isn't following me.
(01-06-2014, 09:43 AM)SearchBuzz Wrote: I'm outraged Inquizitor isn't following me.

I've been following you for months. :O

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I forgive you.

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