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Team Members
Yea that's weird, the account Crower doesn't exist is another interesting thing Tongue

I'll leave a msg for wasted as well, we'll look into it Big Grin
That... seems to be what I'm seeing, as well. I can't get any of the three names you've mentioned. I can't even find them doing a user search.
[Image: XKalSig1.png]
same me.

you cant find Hakeros/Crower/Prywatny...

so what now ? :O
Well they could try and re-register and re-join the group, but i don't know this would help. Please don't do this lightly, i am not taking responsibility if you try this and you make an error. Hence loosing all your keys.
Join My Team The Universal Union, No password and were Universally Pulsing to the end
im not thats why im waiting what admins will say.
And wasted would be that guy. We need to keep prodding him!
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