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Title: Whatpulse not recording 1 specific key (d key)
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I just downloaded Whatpulse today and it's interesting so far, however it doesn't properly record my "D" keystrokes.

Outside of any applications it seems to work but when i was running a game which involves hitting the "A" and "D" keys approximately the same amount after exiting the application to check the number of keystrokes i had about 700 "D" keystrokes and over 5500 "A" keystrokes.

In the game I'm also always holding the space bar and sometimes the control key so at most I'd have 4 keys pressed at the same time and I'm wondering if that's possibly what's causing this issue? However the "A" key, space bar, and control key all seem to have an appropriate amount of key presses attributed to them.
Same thing here. Bhop life is hard. Bumping question.
The problem is probably that that game is stopping the client from registering the right keys. You can try to enable administrator mode in the client settings to see if that helps.


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