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Title: Application list sorting is broken?
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Trying to show someone my stats at https://whatpulse.org/Drake356#apps
but sorting by name is and always has been useless unless I go through and hide every little "app" that gets added, but trying to sort by keys doesn't want to work or even try, it just refreshes the stats sorted by name again. I've tried on chrome and firefox, both logged in and not logged in.

On another note there should be an option to set what the default sorting is.
Yep, I've noticed it too, was just about to post about it here when I saw this thread. I think it stopped working a week ago or so.
I've never liked the website so much, always feel sluggish and has weird loading times, but with the transition to the new dashboard feels even worse not knowing where to find things and having to jump between the two with the older one feeling broken and the newer one having more hidden behind premium. I wanna buy now that I'm not a totally useless NEET but I kinda want the site working better :c
I don't mind if it's a bit slow, especially if I keep in mind just the amount of data there is to process (although I have no idea of how the internals work). I like the old website and dislike the new one. I dislike "modern" webdesign in general because, in my experience, it's usually dynfunctional (commonly slower than "old" design somehow (shittons of JS) and information density is so low that it's just painful to use) and ugly. Though it's an unpopular opinion so I try to not rant about it too much (:
I know you can't please everyone, and I'm just a grumpy guy that sometimes dislikes change. I'm glad that the people behind WhatPulse are still putting so much time & effort in it, so kudos to that!

Thanks for reporting this. Just fixed it!
(04-04-2021, 03:16 PM)smitmartijn Wrote: Hi,

Thanks for reporting this. Just fixed it!

Poggies, thanks for the fix

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