WhatPulse is a free service that lets you measure your computer usage and compete against your friends. Measure bandwidth, uptime and how many times you type or click in a day.

The project started in 2003, founded by Martijn Smit as a "fun thing to do" and it quickly grew to a necessity for people who love statistics. Today, more than 500,000 people use WhatPulse to measure their computing usage and we receive pulses from every continent.

The WhatPulse client and websites are built according to these principles.

WhatPulse Mission

Help you be more productive in your digital life, making more room for the important things.


WhatPulse provides software and services that map out your time behind any computer. Reports on how you’re spending your time and suggestions on how to improve.


The WhatPulse client runs on your computer and monitors your application usage. The client generates reports in the interface and sends usage to the website. The website collates all information about all computers and generates global reports and recommendations.