Home Computers


Computers are best to be defined as; 'sub-accounts'. The rule for these sub-accounts is: one profile per computer.

The idea

The idea behind pulse profiles are to separate environments (computers), such as your work place, your home computer, or your laptop. This implementation also solves the activity throttle problem earlier (< 1.5) versions had, if you wanted to pulse your PC and laptop after one and other with high key counts.

Practical Example

Imagine you have 2 locations you have WhatPulse running on. At your job and at home.

In this case you would have 2 profiles; 'work' and 'home' - Which are set up on your clients accordingly. You would be able to track how much you type/click at each computer.

Your profile on the WhatPulse website will contain the detailed information of the activity of your profiles.

Please note that you should not use a pulse profile on more than one computer, this will result into pulse problems.